This head of stone lets no one in anymore.

kelsey/louisiana/19/nigga/hopeless romantic/deadbeat/agnostic. I wish I was Luke Holland and I hate most things. The Story So Far, The Ghost Inside, Front Porch Step, Neck Deep, The Plot In You, Being As An Ocean, Hotel Books, Hands Like Houses, La Dispute, Memphis May Fire, video games, movies, butts, Doctor Who, cats, Pokemon, other stufblahb;ahhadlkvrkynmdtmufui,uo..,twerk.

instagram: kelseyvaughnjared


You Always Hurt the Ones you Love - Ryan Gosling

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Every time you told me you loved me  (via lifeisntafairytalee)

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I hated my name until you combined it with “I love you’s”.

i’m not even gonna bother making some big dumb emotional post about it, but today’s the day one year ago that we had our first kiss and tomorrow would have been our one year anniversary and it hurts like shit and i’m very sad and i’m not gonna get out of bed or talk to anybody for a few days.

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