This head of stone lets no one in anymore.

Kelsey/Louisiana/18/Nigga/Hopeless romantic/deadbeat/agnostic.The Ghost Inside, The Story So Far, La Dispute, Front Porch Step, Hands Like Houses, Neck Deep, Memphis May Fire, The Plot In You, Myka, Relocate, I the Mighty, Nevershoutnever, video games, Doctor Who, Cats, Pokemon, other stufblahb;ahhadlkvrkynmdtmufui,uo..,twerk.

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when someone’s flaws are not flaws in your eyes, you’re fucked.

Seven words I never wanted to hear - kennabal (via perfect)

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I needed you and you needed better.



Artist: Simon Gangl

This guy’s art is amazing!  I may post more of it here soon just because it is quite well done.  That Exeggutor….wow!

holy shit

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